We believe in sportsmanship first. The sport is the game and we are all in it together.

Support Your Dream
Our agency works with those who are passionate about the following sports and more:
eSports, baseball, softball, basketball, band, cheerleading, dance, football, gymnastics, swimming, marathon, track and field, horseback riding, rugby, fencing, tennis, polo, surfing, X-games, fishing, botchy, biking, soccer, chess, spelling bees, academics, surfing, water sports, and so much more.  
Our Winning Philosophy
We believe in sportsmanship first. The sport is the game and we are all in it together.
Our Services

We offer the following

1. Transportation Services: group airline rates, charter buses, private charter planes, rental cars, and other modes of transportation to get your team to where they need to play.

2. Lodging: team group travel accommodations, hotel, resorts, private rental housing, cruise, private yachts, and team camping facilities.

3. Things to do for the families of those that are a part of the team during long tournaments and team practices.

4. Event spaces for those that are looking for smaller team meeting event space to large event space to host a tournament.

5. Event housing technology for your team to easily register your team for the sporting event.

6. Special gaming solutions while on the go with upgraded technology features.

7. Team travel insurance and special features for extreme group travel sports.

8. Team points program and extensive planing processes to manage an entire season's team travel.

9. Sports packages for those looking to attend all sporting events all over with world including travel and tickets.

Sport Team Travel Solution

Our team consists of two amazing professionals that will take care of all of your travel needs.

Catherine Kelly Lengers

Catherine Kelly Lengers

Carol Sherman

Carol Sherman

Executive Corporate Travel Advisor
Carline Vargas-Gonzalez

Carline Vargas-Gonzalez

Executive Health & Wellness Travel Advisor
Accredited By
International Association of Travel Agents Network
Certified Autism Travel Professional
Family Travel Association
Accessible Travel Advocate Certified
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