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About Us
Our company was founded  by Catherine Lengers Beyt and her vision is to help those find short term housing and provide concierge relocation services. If you are in the middle of a move, need to leave your home due to an emergency situation, or if you need any relocation  travel assistance. Our company has travel and temporary housing experience for over a decade. We are here for you when you cannot be in your home longterm.
Our Philosophy
We believe that moving is a stressful time and any other emergency that can pop up is also an unfortunate time. Our company is designed for those that need the extra assistance to help those get through these stressful events. We are your one stop shop for temporary housing. We work with many reputable companies in order for your experience to be better.  We are dedicated and wish to provide you with quality relocation services.
Our Services

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Looking for a studio apartment, 3 bedroom house, or anything in between? We are your relocation service!

Application Process
Our goal is to match you with and easy temporary housing solution. Once you fill out your application forms for your top properties, we will arrange your solution for you.

Looking to list?
Are you a landlord looking to advertise your property? We offer an in-depth listing process to match your property with high-quality tenants. We work with realtors, insurance agencies, construction services, and anyone that works with those that need temporary housing for their clients.

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